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An excellent childcare service that’s within reach, trustworthy, affordable, and accessible, even last minute, sounds almost like a perfect daydream to most parents & child-caretakers. 

With a single mission in mind, Ponie is created to offer the most flexible childcare service with the best on-demand and in-home childcare givers. Ponie helps make childcare searching less daunting and wavering.

Less stress. More confident. Most secured.
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No matter which type of childcare you choose, there’s evidence to suggest that kids who participate in some form of high-quality care truly thrive.

Studies have shown that children who attend quality daycare exhibit better behavior, even into grade school.

Academic preschools produce strong readers and children who excel in math. And the social interaction kids get in a daycare setting may help them to be better communicators.



Ponie is a mobile app that offers a tangible, verified and secure platform for both childcare seekers and full-time/part-time childcare providers.

It works just like Airbnb.
But for your babies.

Initial search

Personalized on-boarding experience.

Clear, easy, and single-focused
searching experience.

Caregiver’s profile

Thousand of verified, background checked,
and parent-reviewed caregivers.

Qualified homes with specifications,
earned badges, home facilities,
location, and availabilities.

Messaging & Booking

Instant messaging and availabilities checking.

Easy booking and reminder adding.

Ponie recommends parents to set up a meeting, or visit,
with the caregiver at their home before booking.

What’s next?

Coming-up booking shows on home
screen after successful booking.

Explore more while having short-cuts
(message, my booking, and direction)
to the current booking.


Live-stream viewing

Live-stream viewing will be available
to parents after the kids safely arrive.

Real-time live streaming from host to
phone through Ponie app means never
miss any moments of the little ones.

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